Quality Control PROCESS


Classic Steels has always given the highest priority to the quality of its products and this has led to the continued growth of the company.

It follows systematic and well defined quality control procedures which ensure that the products coming out of the production line are in full conformity to the exacting needs of the customers. Its quality control laboratory consists of a range of sophisticated, modern and high precision testing equipment and tools which is manned by efficient quality personnel. This makes it possible to carry out a complete analysis of the various parameters of the incoming raw material as well as the finished product and ensure the highest levels of quality at all times. The lab also has storage facilities to house samples of coils produced for any traceability issue dating up to 3 years.

All this along with its highly experienced and qualified quality team,which maintains a strict vigil on the manufacturing procedures ensure Zero Defect Quality.

All the products are manufactured as per customer’s specifications or market requirements. The whole process ensures that its products & procedures adhere to international standards of quality & safety.
Its commitment to excellence and passion for quality products has earned it the ISO 9001 : 2000 certification

Quality Control Plans & Tools

In order to maintain its reputation of high quality products, consistent efforts with respect to quality assurance is made in its entire work flow. Special precautions is taken at every step in production to furnish standardization and homogeneity in the quality of its products. Some of the advanced product quality plans include modern day techniques like Failure Mode Effect Analysis, Control Plan, Stage Inspection and Express Stations for Set up Testing. Our quality control tools include X Bar R Charts, Histograms and Process Capability Reports.

All the above Quality Control Tools are integrated with a specially designed and customized software program that not only ensures the quality to be within the specified parameters but also provides complete traceability of the end product at each stage of the production process.
Statistical Process Control (SPC) is an added insurance as well as an assurance provider for the consistency of the quality of the product. In short not only does the company have a special eye for the quality of its products but also cares for it.

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