File Steel Wire and Bar Engineering Industry File

This wires and bars are used to manufactured High and Industrial Steel Files, which in turn in used by the Engineering Industry for its numerous applications.

This product is manufactured from a special grades of steel and has to adhered to stringent quality norms.
Not only we catering to the domestic market but have also developed the international market for this product.

We are in the process of further increasing our exports of our product to the other potential European Customers.

SIZE RANGE 4.00 mm – 12.00 mm
COIL WEIGHT 500 kgs. Approximately (Min. 250 kgs; Max 600 kgs)
LENGTH OF BARS As per customers requirements
PACKAGING The wire will be lightly oiled and wrapped in polythene followed by Hessian. Each coil will be lightly strapped with steel straps
SPECIFICATIONS As per customers’ specification

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