Needle Wire Engineering and Consumer Industry Needle

Needle Wires produced by the company has been accepted by all leading manufacturers in the country for the use of all types of needle required by the textile and engineering industry.

The technical needs of these wires are very exacting. Surface finish, diameter tolerance, ovality, harden ability, tensile strength are few of the parameters which need very close control. These properties have been perfected over years of experience and have been also customized to the individual customer’s specific needs to give them trouble free use of wire in their manufacturing line.

These wires are being supplied to leading customers which include Bajaj Industries, Indo Tossa, Kunj Needles industries, Basant Wires, NIT Needles, Accurate hosiery needles etc.

SIZE RANGE 0.19 mm – 2.50 mm
UTS 588 / 833 N / mm2 or as per customers specification
CARBON CONTENT 0.75 – 0.85 %
COIL WEIGHT 30 kgs. approximately (Min. 25 kgs; Max 50 kgs) or as per customers specification
PACKAGING The wire will be lightly oiled and wrapped in polythene followed by Hessian



Element C Si Mn S P
Unit % % % % %
Normal Soft 0.81 - 0.85 0.15 - 0.35 0.40 - 0.90 0.03 max 0.03 max
Extra Soft 0.76 - 0.80 0.15 - 0.35 0.40 - 0.90 0.03 max 0.03 max


Tensile Strength Soft 72 kg / sq mm max Tolerance Soft[+] [-] 0.005 mm
Tensile Strength Extra Soft 68 kg / sq mm max
Size Range 0.50 mm to 5.00 mm Ovality 50% of tolerance
Coil Weight 20 kgs to 250 kgs Coil I. D. 300 mm to 750 mm

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