Quality policy

An ISO 9001 certified company, Classic Steels has an effective quality policy and performing quality systems in place which allows it to control all its manufacturing processes. Its exhaustive quality control process consists of a series of in-house tests, carried out at each stage in the production cycle. These include constant surveillance of raw materials, their adaptability, the methods of production, final testing of the finished products, their packaging and shipments. All the procedures and processes are carefully documented and recorded.

These policies and systems along with its highly experienced and qualified quality team, which maintains a strict vigil on the manufacturing procedures ensure Zero Defect Quality. Thus as a policy the company believes and strives to achieve Total Quality in everything it does and is committed to:

Understand and satisfy customers current and future needs.

Maintain a programme of continuous improvement of product quality.

Enhance competence & efficiency of its people through continuous training, technological up gradation & other options.

Continually improve effectiveness of QMS and operational performance.

Comply with the requirements of statutory and regulatory authorities.

Be organized as an ethical and environmentally responsive organization.

Quality Objective

To enable achieve a 100% rating on its product quality and delivery performance from its designated customers the company strives to achieve the following :

Quality Level

Delivery Performance

Production Cycle Time

Lead Time For Supplies

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