Reed Wire Textile Industry Reed

Reed Wire is the latest addition to our range of product and this wire is used for manufacturing Reeds which is one of the most critical items used by the Textiles Industry.

This wire is being supplied to most of the leading customers in the Western Part of the Country which includes S.M.Corporation, Jaydeep Reed Mfg., Shree Gayatri Reed Mfg.Co.etc.

The quality needs of this product is also very exacting since they have to be made with precision tolerance.

SIZE RANGE 0.80 mm – 4.00 mm
UTS 75 / 100 kgs. / mm2
COIL DIMENSIONS Coil ID: min. 240 mm, Coil OD: min. 375 mm
COIL WEIGHT 30 kgs. approximately (Min. 25 kgs; Max 40 kgs)
PACKAGING The wire will be lightly oiled and wrapped in polythene followed by Hessian

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